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Karatedo Legend
"The Cat"
Gogen Yamaguchi

JKGA 60th Anniversary Edition Special Release

The life of Gogen Yamaguchi including accounts from the oldest son Gosei Yamaguchi, the third son Goshi Yamaguchi and the youngest daughter Wakako Yamaguchi. Through these personal accounts and rare footage of Jiyu Kumite, Kata performances, Waterfall training and Weapons training, Gogen Yamaguchi's lifelong passion for his art comes back to life.


  • Suggested Retail - 5880yen
  • Members Price - 5500yen

JKGA Gojuryu Kata - Complete Edition
Volumes 1-4

Easy to follow DVD videos with explanations of every kata with front, side and rear views, as well as commentary and Bunkai (applications).


  • Suggested Retail Price - 6000yen (each DVD)
  • Members Price - 5600yen (each DVD)

Gojuryu Kata Series
Volume 1 and 2

These two volumes show all of the kata of Yamaguchi Gojukai. Featuring step by step photos and examples of bunkai, as well as diagrams of foot positions and movements, these guides are invaluable resources.


  • Suggested Retail Price - 3600yen
  • Members Price - 3200yen

Shipping and handling charges are separate from the book price, and are subject to a number of factors such as region, quantities and so-on. Volume 1 weighs approximately 700grams and Volume 2 weighs approximately 600grams.

Limited Quantities

Premium Limited Edition picture of Gogen Yamaguchi with Signature


  • Regular Retail Price - 3000yen
  • Members Price - 2800yen

(Plus Shipping)

Gojuryu Kata Bunkai Kumite
First and Second Volume

All Kata Bunkai Kumite for JKGA/IKGA. 2 Volume set.

VHS (Video Cassette)

Price: 6600yen Per Volume (Plus Shipping)

Gojuryu Karatedo Vol 1, 2, 3

Curriculum of JKGA/IKGA, including Warmups, Formal exercises, Kihon, Kata, and Kumite.



  • Video Price: 9800yen per volume (Plus Shipping)
  • DVD Price: 6600yen per volume (Plus Shipping)

Yamaguchi Goshi
Traditional Goju-Ryu Techniques

Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Traditional Goju-Ryu training techniques of Goshi Yamaguchi. DVDs include:

  • Ceremonial formalities
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Kihon
  • Kata
  • Kumite
  • Bunkai
  • Traditional self defence

Price: 5300yen (Plus Shipping)

Goju-Ryu Karate
A Visual Guide to Kumite Techniques
Goshi Yamaguchi

This guide to kumite techniques outlines Yakusoku Kumite drills, traditional kumite ideas and explains Awase and Jiyu Kumite practice for JKGA and IKGA.

Price: 1500yen (Plus Shipping)

IKGA Official Necktie

The official necktie for IKGA. Gold and blue with the IKGA Fist-mark embroidery.

Price: 5250yen (Plus Shipping)

IKGA Lapel Badge

Official IKGA blazer lapel/pocket badge. Pin on type fasteners.

Price: 5250yen (Plus Shipping)

IKGA Golden Fist Pin

Screw-post lapel pin. Gold colored "Fist mark" emblem.

Price: 3150yen (Plus Shipping)