"Ho Go Ju Don To - All things of this world are made up of positive and negative (Go and Ju)"

Bubishi - The origin of the name of Goju-Ryu

Peter Brandon, Shihan Hanshi, Vice-President IKGA

Peter Brandon Shihan

Peter Brandon Hanshi is a visionary and pioneer that has catapulted Africa into becoming one of the most formidable continents in the world in the art of Gojukai.

He has worked loyally and passionately alongside the Yamaguchi Family for the past 35 years and was appointed President for Africa by our founder father Grand Master Gogen Yamaguchi 26 years ago.

Peter Brandon Hanshi built Gojukai on an idea of true belonging brought to reality by instilling the values a true hierarchy. Peter Brandon Hanshi stands at the top of five generations of students. He understands the vital importance of our history deeply rooted from the olden days in Japan, 'life gives us back what we put in', and a true example of this universal truth is South Africa's realisation to have been able to stage the most significant World Championship ever held. Peter Brandon Hanshi believes that the next 100 years will be as prosperous and that our President Saiko Shihan and his son will propel Gojukai into the future with continuous learning. The legend of Yamaguchi must live on.

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